Assurance and Advisory Business Services (AABS)

Assurance & Audit Services

We provide assurance and annual statutory audit services on government funded projects, donor funded projects and for privately held businesses and public interest entities. Our experience spans all business sectors including Mining and the Extractive industry, Oil & Gas Sector, Consumer Products, Construction, Financial Services Sector, Technology and Telecommunication Sector.

IFRS Accounting and Entrepreneur Services

As a start-up company of a branch or local office of a multinational company, we run your entire accounting function for you including generating monthly management accounts for submission to applicable stakeholders and head office. We also provide specific in-house accounting training – IFRS, USGAAP and Taxation. We also assist in IFRS conversions, Development of IFRS Accounting Policy manuals and technical IFRS consultations. Key service portfolios are summarized

Payroll Outsourcing

We will serve as the payroll department of your organization at a fraction of the cost. We do this for the entire
organization or for management or expatriate staff.  With a monthly payment, we will handle –

Your monthly payroll computations after detailed checking of all inputs and outputs, a detailed schedule of your monthly payroll sorted by department, cost centre or any parameter you desire, efficient management and application of any statutory or legislative changes, create salary schedules for the bank, PAYE payment schedule for the Internal Revenue Service at the appropriate office of your choice, pension contribution for each staff and filling with SSNIT and any other unique reporting requirement your organization may require.

Risk Management, Internal Control & SOx404 implementation and co-sourcing

Given the complexity of today’s business and employees, business risks resulting from internal control and corporate governance failures have become too expensive for investors, directors and management to bear. Our Business Risk Unit (BRU) is able to assist you to minimize the risk associated with weaknesses in or absence of internal controls. We:

Develop the SO× methodology manual to serve as framework/policy guideline for implementing SO×

Using financial statements approach, we identify and map out processes within the organization

Identify and document controls within the process and the organization using Narratives and Flow charts. Usually, the control description will include the objective of the control, activity to be performed, who performs it, frequency of performing the activity and documents or evidence to be retained.

Develop and maintain a database for managing the entire internal control/SO×404 project such as for storing the Controls (registers), tracking progress of work, management reporting, and test results.

Write test scripts for evaluating the design and operating effectiveness of controls

Carry out test of controls for design and operating effectiveness

Documenting test result in line with standards that can be reviewed by knowledgeable third parties such as auditors and regulators in line with established procedures/standards

Assist management in undertaking Assessment Procedures where results and financial implications of deficient or failed controls are evaluated to conclude on the overall SO×404 compliance.

Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Here, we provide value-base assurance to Grantors for funds disbursed under specific contracts while grantees benefit from our insightful project assistance. Specifically

Monitor all activities and disbursements made by Grantors to various Grantees for specific projects and time to ensure that program guidelines are followed and objectives achieved.

At the instruction of the Grantor, provide project specific capacity building assistances to Grantees

Issue monitoring report (financial & non-financial) in line with agreed format and content on our monitoring activities, given the Activity’s milestone and timetable

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